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Two of the nicest gentlemen came to do my ductwork, heater, clothes dryer, and fireplace/chimney last week. I must tell you that they were wonderful, diligent hard workers, who were extremely neat in their work, and I am so pleased with your company and your wonderful employees. God Bless those 2 men, Yuri and Gregory. They really need to be commended for a job well done.

Healthy Air Solution Technicians
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Residential Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

Healthy Air Solution Certified Technician will perform the following procedure (Chimney Sweep):

  • Remove all loose items fom the fire surround and hearth. Cover the fireplace opening with a plascit of cloth cover and seal with duct tape. Also cover nearby flooring and furniture with drop cloth if needed.
  • Depending on building and flue specifications chimney is going to be wire-brushed using one of the three different methods: from top to bottom/from bottom to top/from bouth directions. Powerful vacuum pulls all the loosen debris from the chimney and returns filtrated air back in the home.
  • Use a commercial grade shop vacuum cleaner and metal brushes to remove debris from around the chimney, the smoke shelf and the fireplace or wood stove.

Please be aware that cap-less chimneys may be blocked with bird or animal nest and may require additional labor!
These nests are extremely fire hazardous!!

Chimney Cleaning

8 Point Chimney Inspection

Healthy Air Solution Technician will check pipe interiors, screens, fittings and joints, as well as evaluate the overall condition of your unit, and inform you of the results. Common sence solutions are usually found for most problem chimneys without the need for expensive laboratory analysis. However, when it’s required, we depend on the most reputable, approved laboratories to conduct comprehensive tests, including microbiological analysis.

Chimney Cap Installation

We customize guard from animals, birds and weather condition caps for each chimney to match house design and provide the most protection for your home without blocking the smoke flow.

WARNING!!! Fire Hazard!
Fireplace in your home
Chimney Inspection