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Two of the nicest gentlemen came to do my ductwork, heater, clothes dryer, and fireplace/chimney last week. I must tell you that they were wonderful, diligent hard workers, who were extremely neat in their work, and I am so pleased with your company and your wonderful employees. God Bless those 2 men, Yuri and Gregory. They really need to be commended for a job well done.

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Complete HVAC System and Air Duct Cleaning Procedure:

Air Duct Cleaning and Chimney Sweep by Healthy Air Solution.

HVAC System Preventive Maintenance.

Pre-Inspection and Evaluation of the Entire Home’s HVAC Air Duct System by Healthy Air Solution Certified Technician (That includes visual inspection and analysis of supply and return air ducts and registers (grilles), heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, blower motor and fan housing). Every customer is provided with complete checklist of services and cleaning project for their property.

Zoning the system and locating sections where access panels will be installed to get the maximum output from duct collecting equipment (drop-sealing sections may be removed and reinstalled upon completion).

Installation of access panel(s) (or utilisation of existing) in the main ductwork.

Removal of the panels on the air handler, brushing and vacuuming the encasement, the fan, the blower and all other accessible components (if required).

Cleaning of cooling and heating coils, gas or oil burners (if required).

Attachment of powerful dust collector to the first zone which will create a negative air pressure in the system (mashine uses HEPA filter, which prevents even the minutest particles from reentering your home) is followed by removal of vent covers (if requested by customer), cleaning and disinfecting each one throughly (if necessary).

Introducing an Agitator into the vent opening furthest away from the main unit to dislodge all debris from the walls of the ductwork and force them towards the dust collector. (Method of agitation varies depending on the size and type of ductwork.

After agitating an air sweep or an air snake is fed into the ductwork. This device supplies approximate 200 pounds of compressed air per square inch of applied surface and is used to push all the debris to the vaccum so it can pull contaminants out of the ductwork through the filtration system, returning clean air back into home. This frequently called “positive-negative” method and is the way NADCA mandates duct cleaning.

Steps 6, 7 and 8 repeated for all zones and each vent opening of the entire air conveyance system.

Supply and return ductwork are cleaned in mostly the same way. However. often times the main supply and return ductwork is wide enough to use manual brushes and vacuums in addition to agitation.

Sanitizer (antibacterial treatment which minimizes microbial growth. Air duct sanitizing is often used when people have allergies or are moving into a previously occupied home. It is also quite effective in eliminating odors like smoke from within home air system.) Applied to inside surface of the air duct system.

Replace vent covers and seal access panel(s). Service openings are closed with pre-fabricated sheet metal doors, which are attached with self-tapping screws and then sealed with foil tape. This leaves a convenient access doors for future ductwork maintenance, and will not affect air flow.

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